Warpath Across the Pacific: The Illustrated History of the 345th Bombardment Group During WWII

Author: Lawrence J. Hickey   ISBN: 0913511021   Purchase: Click Here to Purchase

DESCRIPTION: This is probably one of the finest USAAF unit histories ever produced, it chronicles the air operations of the 345th Bomb Group, the " AIR APACHES ", formed in 1942, and who served in the South West Pacific and Philippines up to 1945. Flying the superb B-25 Mitchell twin engine bomber, they fought through the New Guinea campaign, Dutch East Indies, Philippines, & to the end of the war, including raids thru the South China Sea, Chinese Coast & Japan.

Warpath: A Story of the 345th Bombardment Group (M) in World War II

Author: Schiffer Publishing   ISBN: 0764302183   Purchase: Click Here to Purchase

DESCRIPTION: Facsimile reprint of the famed "Air Apaches" Group War Diary, a group comprising the 498th, 499th, 500th and 501st Bombardment Squadrons. They flew heavily armed B-25s in low level bombimg and strafing attacks against the Japanese.

We Band of Brothers

Author: R. E. Peppy Blount   ISBN: 0890154430   Purchase: Click Here to Purchase

DESCRIPTION: The World War II record of the 345th Bomb Group, Air Apaches, Fifth Air Force, typifies the finest tradition of the United States Air Force. This is the gut-wrenching, scared-as-hell story of college-age kids who flew B-25 strafer-bombers.

Bats outa Hell over Biak

Author: Max B Ferguson   ASIN: B0006OXW0A   Purchase: Click Here to Purchase

DESCRIPTION: issions and adventures of the 499th Bomb Squadron. Compelling reading: "Willie has one hand lightly on the wheel - feet on the rudders - if I am hit, he must fly immediately - so close to the ground, so fast, a split second to grab the wheel would be fatal if he is not already on it...- B-25 strafers." Hard to put down.

Flying Colors

Author: Sarah Moore   ASIN: 0828325731   Purchase: Click Here to Purchase

DESCRIPTION: Victor Vic Tatelman was a cadet in Visalia, California when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. A chilling anger along with undeniable feelings of retribution filled the air, and Vic, just like the other Cadets, looked for the opportunity to pay back. Vic flew more than 120 missions, serving two tours of duty, first in the Pacific in World War II, and then again in the Pacific during the Korean War, having earned may Air Medals, two DFC (Distinctive Flying Crosses), and one Purple Heart.

Air Apaches

Author: Jay A. Stout   ASIN: 1551108366   Purchase: Click Here to Purchase

DESCRIPTION: The American 345th Bomb Group--the Air Apaches--was legendary in the war against Japan. The first fully trained and fully equipped group sent to the South Pacific, the 345th racked up a devastating score against the enemy. Armed to the teeth with machine guns and fragmentation bombs, and flying their B-25s at impossibly low altitudes--often below fifty feet--the pilots and air crews strafed and bombed enemy installations and shipping with a fury that helped cripple Japan. One of the sharpest tools in the U.S. arsenal, the 345th performed essential missions during Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s campaigns in New Guinea and the Philippines, earning an impressive four Distinguished Unit Citations.